Private Landlords

At Nationwide Dog Handlers Ltd we understand the often complicated and lengthy process Private Landlords face when attempting to evict or re-possess a property from tenants, not least because of the threat that dogs may pose to those attempting to lawfully enter. We recognise that dogs are used on occasions by tenants to deliberately frustrate or delay the process and we also understand that Private Landlords need advice on the process of managing dogs once they are removed from the address in question, where the dog will be housed and who is liable for costs. At NDH we specialise in providing an effective dog restraint and removal service throughout the United Kingdom for Private Landlords during evictions or repossessions. With an experienced and highly trained professional team of dog handlers, we assist Private Landlords by safely enforcing the removal of dogs and other household pets during evictions from residential and commercial properties. We advise Private Landlords on how we relocate dogs to a kennel or other animal sanctuary and we also advise Private Landlords on the issue of costs and re-homing processes where appropriate.

How we can help private landlords

From the moment we receive your instructions, we will provide you with a full appraisal of the scope of work to be undertaken along with the standards of service that you can expect, we will ensure that the risks of removal of dogs is properly assessed and managed and we will ensure that you have a point of contact leading up to, during and post instructions.

Advice to private landlords

We will advise you on [1] the likely risks you will face leading up to and during an eviction where dog[s] or other animals are concerned [2] the risk assessments our handlers undertake before the eviction itself [3] reporting procedures and [4] dog removal and likely daily kennelling costs. With a dedicated team, Nationwide Dog Handlers Ltd work with private Landlords seven days a week to ensure a seamless, dynamic and efficient service is delivered.

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