Dog Handlers for Housing Associations & Local Authorities

Dangerous Dog Removal / Abandoned Dogs / Evictions / ASB Tenancy Breach Interviews

At Nationwide Dog Handlers, we specialise in the containment / restraint / removal and kennelling of dogs and other household pets. With experienced and fully accredited dog handlers, we work closely with Housing Associations and Local Authorities throughout England / Scotland & Wales in a range of activities including (1) Anti-Social Behaviour Tenancy Breach Interviews (2) Abandoned Dogs (3) Dangerous Dog Removal (4) Evictions (5) Gas / Electric Metering Removal / Replacement.

Pre-Action Advice

Advice is often provided pre-emptively to Housing Associations and Local Authorities around the management and handling procedures for the safe and effective restraint or removal of dogs. Personal safety is extremely important to our workforce, third party contractors and the wider public, it forms part of this advice and we work with all our clients to understand and mitigate the risks posed. We also advise on [and remove] of cats / rabbits / fish, other exotic pets and other household pets.

Kennels / Catteries & other animal sancturies

Our experienced and accredited dog handling service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and we work closely with our clients to plan restraint, removal and kennelling of animals at one of our approved kennels / catteries or other animal sanctuaries. For further information or advice please contact us on 01642 927 310.

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