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With a towering presence throughout Scotland and specialising in dog handling / restraint / dog security patrols, Nationwide Dog Handlers provide bespoke services to clients as diverse as the city itself. With fully accredited SIA dog handlers available 24 hours a day, Nationwide Dog Handlers work with clients to understand and fully risk assess each unique instruction prior to commencing work.

Incorporating years of expertise, Nationwide Dog Handlers are highly adept at providing a clear, seamless and cost effective means of dog handling / restraint / preventative patrols throughout Scotland.

Risk assessment / Dog handling in Scotland

Careful planning and analysis precedes all work undertaken by Nationwide Dog Handlers and at its core is a process which ensures that risks are understood and subsequently eliminated or minimised. With experienced dog handlers immersed in almost every conceivable type of dog handling / restraint or containment work throughout all major Scottish cities and towns, Nationwide Dog Handlers provide a wealth of experience in meeting requirements large and small.

Dangerous dog handling throughout Scotland

Nationwide Dog Handlers have a niche dangerous dog handling service throughout Scotland and provide a safe collection and removal service for corporate clients and members of the public. Dangerous dogs present obvious and unavoidable risks to owners, innocent bystanders and those who inadvertently come into contact with them but Nationwide Dog Handlers will minimise and remove that risk safely and in a way which poses the least risks to those involved.

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