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Passionate about protecting people and property, Nationwide Dog Handlers understand the absolute importance in ensuring its clients have complete confidence and peace of mind. At its core and underpinning the work undertaken by Nationwide Dog Handlers is a five step risk assessment, a model which precedes all work undertaken. This includes:

  1. Identifying the hazard / risk
  2. Establishing who might be harmed and how
  3. Evaluating the risks and deciding upon appropriate safeguarding
  4. Recording the findings and implementation
  5. Reviewing the assessment and re-evaluation if necessary

Core business capabilities include:

  • Guarding / protecting static sites including housing developments / building sites / commercial properties
  • Providing dog containment services in order to enable the safe restraint and entry into commercial / residential premises
  • Making environments safe for third parties to carry out essential checks / visits / maintenance inside commercial / residential premises
  • Guarding / protecting residential premises / grounds
  • Protecting valuable plant machinery / raw materials / commodities
  • Patrolling network rail lines / tracks to deter against metal theft
  • Providing bespoke dog containment and restraint support to utility / energy suppliers
  • Ports / maritime security patrols / guarding / inspections
  • Patrolling / guarding car franchises
  • Providing drug search dogs to search places of work / people / other environments appropriate for testing
  • Providing dog handlers for public events / festivals / Gala's
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Nationwide Dog Handlers supply specialist dog handlers and restraint services throughout all the major cities and towns and are frequently operating in London, Brighton, Coventry, Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, Leicester, Kent, Bournemouth, Plymouth, East Anglia, North / South Wales, Cumbria, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Lancashire, County Durham, Yorkshire, Teesside, Sunderland, Bradford, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Scotland, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Perth.

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